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A hand holding a phone, in which you can see the TheyDo List screen of the Mevi App. The  image is animated, with a toggle opening and closing a screen within the app

Mevi organizes and delegates your daily needs
so you can focus on what matters

An illustration of a woman in a yellow shirt hugging a baby.

Say goodbye to your mental load

An illustration of four separate arms holding up different items. The first arm is holding a magnifying glass, the second a lightbulb, the third a pencil, and the fourth a ball

Helps your village show up for you

An illustration of a woman in a teal co-ord set sitting in a meditative pose with a pink, green, and yellow butterfly around her.

100% on your terms

The postpartum task manager created for modern families.

An illustration of a woman in a pink shirt pointing at an illustration of a phone with a Mevi logo on it — logo is a house with a heart inside, with the letter M E V I spelled underneath.
A number one with a circle around it

Personal and private

Curated by you on your terms.

A number one with a circle around it

Delegate it away

Get help when you want, with what you want.

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Built-in boundaries

Easily set your boundaries so there's no risk of overstepping.

Mevi is in beta testing.

We can't wait to invite you in.
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